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Made from 100% repurposed merino wool and black in color with a patch inspired by a vintage Honda Shadow, it’s fit for any type of roaming- city or backcountry.

SE1-1 was born after Grandeur’s very first giveaway. We used the remaining yarn from the giveaway batch to create this one, and we highly suggest this beanie crown a noggin airing on the smaller side because it fits snug!

Why bother with a smaller beanie? We don’t let anything go to waste that we don’t absolutely have to, therefore we use up every scrap of yarn we’ve got to make our Special Edition one-offs. We let them take whatever form they need to in order to reduce waste- this one turned out on the smaller side.

Again, if you have a larger head, hold fast until the next batch is released!

Alexa's head measures 21.5 inches (54.61 cm) around and this beanie fits her comfortably.

Style, ethics, and freedom embodied

By creating products that sport a timeless aesthetic and, in our products made in-house and by hand, utilize materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills. Inspired by the raw beauty and sheer freedom the world has to offer us, we feel it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it by way of our business practices. Want to learn more? Check out our origins page.