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The Scout was designed with high performance in mind. Made in the USA with 100% acrylic yarn, it wicks moisture like a champ. Crafted to fit snug, you won’t have to worry about it falling off or stretching out. An absolute must for days spent outdoors.

We’re all out there searching for something- don’t let inadequate gear keep you from finding it.

Heavily stitched into the Scout, a recycled rubber patch pays homage to where it all began for us- atop Grandeur Peak in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Because if there’s one thing we realized while up there, it’s that we needed a hat just as committed to living out the journey as were, and still are today.

So we put together a head hugging, quick-drying beanie we can rely on to not only keep us toasty on the days we set out for backcountry roamin’, but also on the days we simply need to get the job done or happen to find ourselves in situations unexpected.

Style, ethics, and freedom embodied

By creating products that sport a timeless aesthetic and, in our products made in-house and by hand, utilize materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills. Inspired by the raw beauty and sheer freedom the world has to offer us, we feel it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it by way of our business practices. Want to learn more? Check out our origins page.